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After Surgery - Vitamins and Nutrition

An essential component of post-bariatric life is proper nutritional and vitamin intake. Bariatric surgery and the resulting diet modifications will necessitate a significantly reduced caloric intake. As such, patients will need to supplement their diets. For most patients, this will consist of a multi-vitamin each day. Some patients will require additional supplementation depending on their unique circumstances. This may include Vitamin B12, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin D3, if needed. Vitamin levels will be checked regularly during annual check-ups to ensure that patients are meeting their targets.

Protein is an important nutrient required after surgery. Protein is essential to swift healing and long-term weight loss. Over the first few weeks after the procedure, protein assists the body in healing. Over the longer-term, protein allows the patient to feel fuller for longer. Protein is also important in maintaining muscle mass, especially as the patient ramps up their exercise regimen. Sufficient protein consumption is often impossible through regular foods, so we suggest protein fortified shakes or protein bars that offer a tasty solution to the problem.

A patient’s diet will also go a long way toward ensuring that they do not develop any nutritional deficiencies. Avoiding highly processed foods including refined sugars and replacing them with fresh meats, fruits and vegetables helps ensure that the body receives the balance of nutrition it needs. Patients are urged to follow their post-surgical diet and exercise guidelines closely. Doing so is the best way to maintain proper nutritional levels.

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